A very short rant about sugar!

As you will of course know, I am using MyFitnessPal to track my food intake. Sugar is unavoidable! Every damn day I have exceeded the 5o-odd gram allowance. Sugar is in everything, it is unavoidable. I’ve not been near the sugar bowl today and STILL the computer says I have eaten too much sugar! Some of it of course is in fruit and I ate some grapes, a nectarine and a banana today.

The yoghurt I’m eating seems to have a tad too much. Weetbix is fine. OK, the Soft Eating Licorice contributed a bit as did the two tiny little Anzac biscuits, but I’m over the sugar battle!

I don’t drink soft drinks, I’ve no chocolate or ice-cream and still the number is RED – TOO MUCH SUGAR.

I think even if I ate raw food all day I’d still be over my allowance.



Rant over.


PS: I have absolutely nothing against CSR Sugar! Theirs is the best. There is just too much sugar EVERYWHERE!!

6 comments on “A very short rant about sugar!

  1. It does! I’ve been reading labels since my daughter was diagnosed with anaphylaxis to nuts, sesame and latex (which is found in some fruits). It’s time consuming!


  2. I know this problem well & I use the same app on my phone. It’s a blunt tool. I think the main thing is to reduce/avoid added sugar because the sugar found naturally in fruit & other foods is not as bad for you. Good luck!

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    • I am looking at the main culprits though, and it isn’t the fruits and vegetables (beans and onions have fructose). It is the “healthy” foods we buy – I’ve always been careful, but monitoring it on a daily basis makes it so much more obvious.


  3. My daughter has been paleo dieting, sugar and grainfree and has lost 8cm from her waist in about 3 weeks!

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