E for Employment – Brothel sex inspector

As we all know, Mr O received his Certificate II in Horticulture and is now seeking an adult apprenticeship.  January was very quiet on the job front as it always is in Australia.  Today there was an article about a job Mr O didn’t see when it was available (it has been filled, no pun intended).  Coming from a country where this sort of thing is just not spoken about, it took Mr O several minutes to realise why I was so amused at the report.

While I am not commenting on his qualifications for the particular position, I couldn’t resist sharing the article as it certainly provides a perspective on Australian culture that perhaps not many overseas people would see.  Perhaps I should have saved this for H for Humour!

It’s billed as a bachelor’s dream job — being paid $70k annually to “partake of sexual services” at brothels in NSW on behalf of local councils.

An advertisement for the job as a “Brothel Buster Investigator”, placed by Lyonswood Investigations and Forensic Group in Sydney, was published in My Career in late January.

Applicants were required to be unmarried and preferably single, to be willing to have protected sexual intercourse with prostitutes and to provide sworn evidence in court.


The link takes a little while to open – it is being reported in New Zealand and I think the site might be taking a few hits today as the link is doing the rounds on Twitter.  As someone commented, “A new angle for “How I Met Your Mother”?  Perhaps, indeed.

I liked the “unmarried and preferably single” requirement!

Now, I do apologise for there being no photo with this particular glimpse at Australia, but I’m sure you’ll agree one appropriate to the story may not be appropriate for the readership!

Hopefully I am forgiven for this slightly risque different article, but I’m still giggling over the range of cultural adventures one can experience in this country!  If you think it is just this part of the world, do visit Piglet in Portugal for a story AND photos about SEXY toilet paper.  I kid you not!

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22 comments on “E for Employment – Brothel sex inspector

  1. Congratulations to Mr O! Yes, hilarious the rest. 😉


  2. They even reported this in our newspaper here in South Africa….I would just love to know who and how many people applied.


  3. It would be an interesting one to answer when you are sat at a bar being chatted up and asked ‘so what do you do for a living?’ ……?


  4. That is an unusual occupation for sure! Didn’t think such a job existed…I wonder how many single, available men applied for the job?


  5. Well I can only say I hope they remember thier SEXY toilet paper LOL

    On a side note, I wonder how they check out applicants’ credentials and suitablilty for the job 🙂


  6. Gosh, how bizarre!

    I can imagine many unmarried (and “preferably single”) men now scouring such ads for a repeat position!



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