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‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ – a young woman shares her thoughts

This article was originally submitted as a comment on What does ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ teach young women? I felt the Caitlin Mary’s words deserved a solo performance. I am publishing this as Caitlin wrote it, from the heart. I have SO much to say on this topic so I apologise in advance for the essay I’m […]

Wives and partners? WTF?

First let me say I personally have no problem with the words “husband” or “wife”. *Ducks missiles flying in from some of the feminist fraternity* In my view these words are merely relationship descriptors, no different than son, daughter, mother, father, sister or brother. Compared to some languages, English has very few relationship descriptors: some […]

Unless you are a white male, chances are sexism and/or racism will get you

Ever heard of Muzikillz? No? Don’t feel bad, neither had I. Muzikillz is a successful DJ. That success didn’t come until she became a he. Not a surgical transformation, just a disguise to get bookings. You see, potential clients loved her demo tapes. As long as they thought she was a man. Once they saw […]

Stage 1 is DONE! Plus Frightbats, World Refugee Day and High Court wins!

Even the #frightbat saga didn’t manage to pull me away from my stepping. My apologies to our regular readers: I’ve been exercising. That chart doesn’t have today on it yet – but my reading will be 4,200 for cycling, 2,375 for swimming (I only did 500 metres in the pool today) and 7,000 plus a […]

Where are the adults, again?

I really am over it. Totally. Over. It. Neither of these t-shirts are appropriate in a civilised society. In my view, they mean totally different things, which I will come to, but let me re-iterate: NEITHER are appropriate! The first word on each of these t-shirts has several meanings in modern language. It can mean […]

Dead Man Walking versus Dead Woman Walking

If, as women, we accept the use of “Dead Man Walking” to describe male politicians we can hardly complain if “Dead Woman Walking” is used to describe a female politician. I don’t consider that sexist per se (although I have other concerns), I consider it the current rough and tumble of politics. Granted, in Julia […]

This is a MUST VIEW for men and women

Chimamanda Adichie says it all for me. Please listen to her wonderful, wonderful view of and vision for feminism. Thank you so much to Betty for drawing my attention to an article by Sunili Govinnage that lead me to this wonderful speech. Don’t tell anyone, but this is now mandatory viewing for the males in our […]

Are male doctors sexually harassed by patients?

I’d like to know the answer. I’d like to know for two reasons: A) to ensure we look at the issue from both sides of the fence and, B) while I’ve heard of male doctors being penalised professionally for inappropriate relationships (or worse) with female patients, I’ve not heard of the reverse. A survey of […]

Sex Appeal in Politics

Tony Abbott copped a lot of flak in the media, mainstream and social, for introducing the candidate for Lindsay, Fiona Scott, by saying “I think I can probably say have a bit of sex appeal”. Tracey Spicer wrote a great article for The Hoopla: Too often, a woman’s stocks rise and fall on the value of […]

The Sapphires new cover: racist, sexist or opportunistic?

I’ve seen The Sapphires and I loved the movie. The acting was great, the story a terrific (and true) story. Today I read it is being released in the US with this cover: W. T. F?