This is a MUST VIEW for men and women

Chimamanda Adichie says it all for me. Please listen to her wonderful, wonderful view of and vision for feminism. Thank you so much to Betty for drawing my attention to an article by  that lead me to this wonderful speech.

Don’t tell anyone, but this is now mandatory viewing for the males in our house, Nigerians all! 😉


9 comments on “This is a MUST VIEW for men and women

  1. […] house! Different cultures, different perspectives even today. He has now watched his countrywoman, Chimamanda Adichie, of course. Mandatory viewing for young men in this […]


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  3. […] in that debate shared this with me. I am pleased to have made him a fan of my current heroine, Chimamanda Adichie.  This talk of hers is a great description of cultural ignorance, lack of mindfulness and how it […]


  4. Interesting talk. She makes some good points! Thanks for sharing this!


  5. That was so good to watch. Thanks for sharing. I loved it when she said “Culture does not make people, people make culture”


  6. Ahh Robyn, as soon as I saw your heading I knew I was going to be late for work! Chimamanda speaks well, she doesn’t say anything new but she says it in accessible language and with humour. I find it sad that it still has to be said.
    You and Mr O are bringing up fine young men who will be good future partners and fathers.


    • Yes, they will be fine young husbands and fathers, Gilly, but it isn’t just about the boys. It is also about reassuring the girls that it IS perfectly OK to expect to be treated as equals in society – even by their brothers! 😉

      It was in many ways a relief to see and hear her speak because she says exactly what I believe and it reassures me the children would hear the same beliefs in Nigeria as they hear from me, even though the cultures are different. I’m not sure I have explained that very well (I seem to be having a mushy brain day) but I think you will understand.

      I loved what Chimamanda said about culture, essentially that people make culture rather than culture making people. Culture is not static, it evolves.


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