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A little Nigerian take on love

There are some really great Nigerian writers and speakers. One I have found recently is Elnathan John who writes over on that “other” platform on the interwebz that doesn’t have a re-blog button to automatically share. This is my attempt at a manual approximation. HOW TO SHOW NIGERIAN LOVE To quote D’Banj, “love is a beautiful […]

This is a MUST VIEW for men and women

Chimamanda Adichie says it all for me. Please listen to her wonderful, wonderful view of and vision for feminism. Thank you so much to Betty for drawing my attention to an article by Sunili Govinnage that lead me to this wonderful speech. Don’t tell anyone, but this is now mandatory viewing for the males in our […]

A passionate man speaks for his country

Social evolution moves at different paces across the many societies of the world. Remember the Salem Witch Trials of 1692? Yet in Saudi Arabia women still cannot drive in 2013 (in case they damage their ovaries, no less, is the belief of one cleric) and in 2010 a certain American called Shimkus still believed we don’t […]

U for Uniforms

Uniforms are a wonderful thing! They mean the kids never have to compete with the latest fashions at school. I asked our four “What is something starting with “U” that you all find different or unique in Australia compared with Nigeria. The answer came back in unison: “UNIFORMS!” I thought this was odd. I knew […]

O for Overseas

For those who may be geography challenged, it takes a LONG time to get anywhere from Australia, other than to New Zealand!  Yet most Australians travel, unlike some other countries.  Look at the map – we are a long way from most other countries! In the 12 months to June 2010, 6.8 million overseas trips […]

We are the world

I’ve just stolen a song title, I know.  Yet it is true.  We ARE the world. Earlier in the week, Mr O was very upset at something that had happened “back home”.  During the same week, I noticed a shocking news story about pack rapes in France.  Then there was the 14 year-old shot in […]

Entitlement Mentality: a personal perspective

All forms of media has been nothing short of drowning in Joe Hockey’s suggestion that Australia has an entitlement mentality which needs to be cut back.  I am only going to link to one article, for the benefit of our many overseas readers, because this is my personal perspective.  I am not entering into the […]