Sites I visit

Pages you may find interesting!   They are all well worth a visit.  Alphabetical order so I don’t show any favouritism. 🙂

If you are listed and would like me to change the anchor text for the entry relating to you, just let me know.

224 Paul Bentley  is “joddling” himself down from 177kg, sharing his experience as he goes.

About a Gringa Life in a foreign land. 

Accidental Stepmom (of FIVE)! Wonderfully amusing adventures of an accidental step-mom!

America’s Race Problem Seriously astute look at the issues.

Crabbly Old Fart The problem with young people – very funny look at the generation gap.

Devastating the Obvious Entertaining observations of life.

Dribbling Pensioner He’s writing it all down while he can still remember!

ESL Marriage The fun and laughter of integrating cultures in a marriage.

Finding 42 real life encounters with people who left a mark and helped her find answers

Glady, the Cross-eyed Bear A writer and social commentator with a heart.

Immigration Pty Ltd A professional looks at the system, the system which is my “Goliath”.

Integrated Memoirs  More fun and laughter, with some serious aspects, of integrating cultures in a marriage.

Invisible Mikey A thinker of many things and a wealth of “those were the days” moments.

La Avventura Lives in a paradise and has travelled enough to decide which paradise was to be her home.

Life in the Bogs Some of the most beautiful photos when you need something to brighten your day! The author has now moved to Breezes at dawn – more wonderful photos!

Mirth and Motivation Wonderfully inspirational writing.  Great photography.

MJ Wright A New Zealand author who writes wonderful stuff.  Visit him!

Momfog Mother, wife, cake decorator, writer, film critic, book reviewer, southern belleOne very busy woman with unique hairstyling tips!

one cool site The “go to” source for how to effectively use this software!

One Voice in the Crowd Betty writes beautifully.

Paradise Preoccupied Published author, pithy writer, poet: lives in a paradise.

Paroxysm of Outrageous News Quirky, entertaining, great illustrations!

Piglet in Portugal When I think of Piglet, I think of food.  Lots more than food here, though.

Pocket Perspectives Thoughtful perspectives on life and living

Rough Water John A very different site. Seafarer’s poet, perhaps.

Sustain-Able Working at giving the less fortunate in our world sustainable solutions.

The Beat of My Drum Sometimes naughty, sometimes nice.  Wildly entertaining!

The Brown Road Chronicals Children’s author who certainly can entain the adults too.

The eternal solitude of the restless mind Many words with little meaning … (so he says). Raises many thought provoking questions about life.  Brasil.

The redneck princess Unfiltered observations of life and living.

The Serenity Game Embarking on the new adventure known as retirement.

This Time, This Space  Personal development, self improvement and conscious living

Tracy Todd Inspirational life!

Wandering the World You want to escape?  Visit John!

When the Rain Starts Life with a 30 something psycho 😀 Her tagline, not my words!  My eldest daughter!

Ya Think Just your average Aussie punter, she says. Read her, she’s great!

7 comments on “Sites I visit

  1. […] many.  I had a BlogRoll widget for a while, but it was getting WAY too long, so I set up a “Sites I Visit” page.  The same with a widget displaying awards from other bloggers:  that also morphed into […]


  2. Thank you for including me in your list. 🙂
    I like this page, it seems a nicer idea than just plonking a blogroll in the sidebar. I’m going to have a look at some of the blogs on here that are new to me – I love finding new things to read.


  3. You’re an angel and yours is tops too! Thanks for including my blog…. So generous! 🙂


  4. I like this page idea. The site descriptions are a nice touch.


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