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A little Nigerian take on love

There are some really great Nigerian writers and speakers. One I have found recently is Elnathan John who writes over on that “other” platform on the interwebz that doesn’t have a re-blog button to automatically share. This is my attempt at a manual approximation. HOW TO SHOW NIGERIAN LOVE To quote D’Banj, “love is a beautiful […]

Are decision makers adequately resourced?

In earlier articles I looked at the fee structure, international obligations and the growing pipeline of Partner Visa applications. Today I ask questions about the decision makers themselves. As the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) do not respond to questions from other than working journalists, my questions have not been answered. Consequently I […]

What price justice for love

There is a group of Australians struggling for justice that are ignored by the rest of the population. As a member of that group myself, I pay attention to developments in the field. Sadly, apart from myself, this group suffers in silence. These people suffer in silence out of fear. If you, a fellow Australian, […]

There are days I despise the human race

There are days I despise the human race: today is one of them. Regular readers know I am a “Criminal Minds” fan. I rarely get to watch it on the actual TV, I tend to catch-up by watching episodes on the computer. Last night I watched episode 19 of series 8 about a guy kidnapping […]

A Common Enemy

Earth sparkled in the sunlight, a blue and white ball gliding through space in the orbit determined millennia ago. The ship hovered above, listening to the babel of voices detected by the sound sensors. Leader Rosna shook her lateral tendrils in horror. “How does this planet survive?” The sound technician was battling to isolate the various sound […]

Statement of History of Relationship Partner Visa 309/100

Recently I asked a regular reader of this website what else she would like to see me write about as she expressed how helpful she had found other articles I had written. She responded, on Why do I do this?: In my humble opinion, I think the Statutory Declarations and Relationship Statements would be good. […]

Reflections: Feeling The Glow Of Love… (via Mirth and Motivation)

Elizabeth published this today and it rang so true for me, for us! Please visit Elizabeth and enjoy her amazing selection of songs about love. I am certainly enjoying them immensely! “A man reserves his true and deepest love not for the species of woman in whose company he finds himself electrified and enkindled, but […]

Do you need representation for a Partner Visa?

On Partner/Spouse Visa Denied? I don’t specifically recommend representation by a migration agent or lawyer for either an initial visa application or an MRT appeal.  Each couple must make their own decision.  These are my personal thoughts on this question.  I re-iterate my statement from Applying for a partner visa?: I am NOT a migration agent.  Anything I say […]