Our A – Z of Australia

Vegemite - very Australian

Pip (not her real name but she is shy 😆 ), over at Piglet in Portugal is doing something we think could be fun.  Pip is writing “My A – Z of Portugal“, including both the good and the perhaps not so good.  Pip suggested to me, when I commented it seemed like a great idea:

Hi Robyn,
What about an A-Z of what your family discover or feel about Australia?
There is no time limit and a challenge which will evolve!

We have a page,  Australia in Pictures, but this is a way we can add more about Australia, a country we do love dearly!  The pictures will stay as they are, but under a new menu!

I gather more writers are going to take up the idea: A – Z of the Dominican Republic is one that may be on board and maybe also Poland.   Late news just in: Aisha, a British ex-pat in Canada is also joining!  Flamingo Dancer was pleased to see Australia would be covered and Sami has already started on Australia too!  Sami’s and ours will be a little different, as most of ours will be from my husband’s and my children’s perspectives, not mine.

Let us all keep connected as we learn and share a little more about our beautiful world!  Travelling from our armchairs!

Now, off to take a family vote on what “A” should be about!

Flag of Australia

31 comments on “Our A – Z of Australia

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  5. Enjoy the challenge and I’ll be reading along. 🙂


  6. ‘My personal A~Z of…’

    As one of the “three musketeers” helping to set up this project, I thought it might be useful to set up a ‘hub page’ about ‘My Personal A ~ Z of…’ where we can all upload our country and blog details – and then add our A ~ Z posts. You can find this ‘hub page’ at http://algarveblog.net/my-personal-a-z/ and you can find the links to the ‘List of Countries’ page http://algarveblog.net/my-personal-a-z/a-z-list-of-countries/ and the ‘List of Blog Posts’ page http://algarveblog.net/my-personal-a-z/a-z-list-of-blog-posts-letters-af/ via these links. Or just click on my name above and it will take you to the web-site – you will see the tab on the top for ‘My Personal A ~ Z’

    I have added you to the list – please let me know if any details are incorrect … and feel free to add the links to these pages to your blog and let everyone know – the more the merrier!
    Please add a comment to any of the pages to have your details added or changed – and then please add your Blog Posts as you write them – you will also find this a useful place to find other Blog Posts for you to link to and enjoy reading. I’m happy to create a free jpeg logo for anyone that wants one for their country’s flag – or just make up your own!

    This is a fab idea – thanks to Julie Dawn Fox for starting it all – let’s all link up and share each other’s blogs – and hope you all enjoy the ride!

    Love Alyson


  7. This is such an interesting challenge. I am sure you will discover so much you didn’t know about Australia by the time you reach Z.


    • I’m not sure I will, but I hope others do! Mind you, as I didn’t go to school here (except for Year 12 as an adult and university) I really never studied Australian history or geography, so you may well be right! I have travelled around fairly extensively, so I do know a reasonable amount!


  8. Wonderful! Maybe I’ll do the A to Z of the Sunshine State!


    • Your Sunshine State or ours? 😉 Queensland is ours – although whenever I go there it rains!

      Please do join! There is no real time line set, and there seems to be a real global flavour to it so far!


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  10. Wow, a big thank you to you and your family for joining Piglet’s A-Z Global challenge. 🙂
    thanks Gang!


    • You are welcome! I think it is a great idea! As you said, there is no time limit or anything and we can add to it as time permits or adventures take place.

      One question – do we have to do the alphabet in order? 😆


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