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Have you ever had sex on a work trip?

If I ask such a question, I should answer it myself, I suppose. I’m sure I must have at some point but right now I don’t remember any specific instances (so clearly any indiscretions were not that memorable!).  I do recall several of us being asked to leave a spa pool at about 3 am […]

V for Victoria

The Australian state of Victoria is the state where we live. Where I have lived for most of my life.  When I first came to Australia I got a flight into Melbourne, not Sydney (where Mum came from and my planned ultimate destination) and I seem to have just stayed! Melbourne is a lovely city, […]

T for Tasmania

Tasmania, affectionately known as Tassie, is the island state of Australia. OK, I know Australia’s mainland is a very large island, but we also have a little island. The shape of Tasmania is such that “map of Tassie” has become an Australian-ism for a certain area of the female body, however we won’t dwell on that. See […]

O for Overseas

For those who may be geography challenged, it takes a LONG time to get anywhere from Australia, other than to New Zealand!  Yet most Australians travel, unlike some other countries.  Look at the map – we are a long way from most other countries! In the 12 months to June 2010, 6.8 million overseas trips […]

A for Arid

Driest inhabitated continent – Australia One of the aspects of Australian life that shocked my family on arrival was water restrictions. Four minute showers, people!  They may lack reliable electricity in Nigeria but they do not lack water.  How could this country their Dad was so keen on living in not have enough water?

Our A – Z of Australia

Pip (not her real name but she is shy 😆 ), over at Piglet in Portugal is doing something we think could be fun.  Pip is writing “My A – Z of Portugal“, including both the good and the perhaps not so good.  Pip suggested to me, when I commented it seemed like a great […]