G for Grass, Greenery, Gardens

Our A – Z of Australia focusses mainly on aspects of Australian life that my family find different or interesting.   One of the biggest differences between what my family are used to and Australia is the open spaces and the trees, grass and other greenery.

I remember when Mr O and I drove to Daylesford the first time, he kept saying so many trees, so much space.  “You could build houses here!”

I spent time explaining we didn’t want to build houses there, we like our green spaces.

After the children arrived home with Mr O, I was asked “Why is there so much grass?”  By then Mr O was studying horticulture, so I suggested to the young man questioning, he should ask his father! 🙂

Miss O 1 commented on more than one occasion “There are so many trees!”

They haven’t yet seen the desert, the arid heart of Australia.  A for Arid was our first article in this series.

Look where we spent Christmas Day.  Green grass to play soccer on!

Family at play

Family at play


When we recently went to Hepburn Springs for our “parents’ retreat”, more trees and beautiful gardens.

View from Bedroom Verandah

View from Bedroom Verandah

Even in the city, as I look out my window I see treetops. There is a grassy children’s playground just up the street. There is another treed area about a 10 minute walk away and yet another park with trees and grass a little further.

Protected Trees

Protected Trees

There is the park just around the corner from my office.

Entering the park

Entering the park

Homes have front gardens with grass. Suburban streets have grass nature strips. Schools have grass playing fields and playgrounds. Yes, we have a lot of greenery.  When I was in Lagos, I saw none of the lushness we have here.

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19 comments on “G for Grass, Greenery, Gardens

  1. Good to see some green from your neck of the woods… 😉


  2. well now you just went and made me homesick…


  3. Hi,
    As soon as I opened your blog I remembered you. 😀
    Great photos, and I see you have your family with you now, well done.


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  5. Yes, it’s one of the things I love in Australia, they don’t build in every space they find. Greenery and leisure spaces are so important for the soul.


  6. We are fortunate to have lots of green around us too . . . much better than paving paradise.


  7. I love the green open spaces. I miss the parks…


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