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Manus bothers me – it should bother you too

The media has been diligently reporting on the Manus Island situation. The new Minister has castigated the media for publishing false reports. Yet the Minister has provided no proof the reports are false. 'Our humanity is diminished when something like this takes place' #Manus #auspol http://t.co/oxCYjgXtBx — Welcome to Australia (@welcome2aussie) January 20, 2015

I claimed asylum before passport control not after

This experience came to my attention today. I am publishing with the permission of the writer. I have made some minor grammar and spelling corrections as requested by the writer. I came in Australia in August 2012 with a visa which I received from Australian embassy in Moscow however I’m considered as an illegal arrival […]

High Court of Australia closes detention legal loophole

The High Court of Australia has dealt another blow to the Australian Governments who have been implementing or trying to implement processes now ruled unconstitutional. Yes, that is governments (plural) because the beginnings of much of the current situation were under the previous Labor Government. Source: Diac Image Library Jan Dobson commented: @TeamOyeniyi I've been […]

Captain, Captain, I don’t know where we are

“Captain, please come to the bridge. I’m not sure where the border is.” “WTF? What are you talking about?” “Captain, I am serious. We’ve had a Ephemeris error. Or a Propagation delay error. Or maybe there are bubbles in the compass. I’m not sure!” “Are you sure the helmsman didn’t just stay on autopilot too long? You […]

Bubs Belong With Mums

Edit Nov 15: It has been reported the baby and family are now reunited, but ONLY because the baby has been discharged from hospital. No changes to policy or regulations or standing orders or whatever red tape controls these things, so what of the next case and the case after that? We need to keep […]

Should we send a woman pregnant with twins to Nauru?

Edit October 20: Since this and many other articles were published, Morrison has come out strongly denying there are any pregnant women with twins on Nauru. I note he does not say there never were: Despite this, Mr Morrison used the once-weekly briefing to admonish assembled journalists for misreporting asylum seeker issues, including the widely […]

Elysium: movie review

After seeing the trailer when we went to see Word War Z, I really wanted to see Elysium. I heard reports of what a great movie it was. Icing on the cake was Matt Damon criticising Australia’s treatment of asylum seekers when he visited to promote the movie.

Solution for asylum seekers? Reintroduce slavery

I really don’t get the problem with all this asylum seeker nonsense. The solution is simple and we don’t even have to go and capture or buy them from West Africa like the Americans did back in the day. They come to us for free! In fact, some even pay smugglers to get here, so […]

United Nations smacks Australia’s asylum seeker policies

Congratulations to Professor Ben Saul for an amazing victory. The United Nations Human Rights Committee has found Australia to be in violation of no fewer than 150 points of international law in relation to the indefinite detention of 40 asylum seekers. Professor Saul is quoted as saying: “It is a major embarrassment for Australia, which […]

Would our politicians get on a boat?

I believe it is time our politicians, especially Abbott, Morrison, Rudd, Bowen and a few others, took an honest look at themselves. Whether you personally like these particular men or not, they have reached the most senior positions in Australian politics. Let me share a little secret – they didn’t get there by being gifted […]