United Nations smacks Australia’s asylum seeker policies

Congratulations to Professor Ben Saul for an amazing victory.

The United Nations Human Rights Committee has found Australia to be in violation of no fewer than 150 points of international law in relation to the indefinite detention of 40 asylum seekers.

Professor Saul is quoted as saying:

It is a major embarrassment for Australia, which is a member of the Security Council and often criticises human rights in other countries. Australia should do the right thing by respecting its international obligations and treating the refugees decently.”

Read more: http://www.theage.com.au/federal-politics/federal-election-2013/australia-violated-refugees-human-rights-un-says-20130822-2sdxq.html (Edit Feb 2015: This article has now been archived by The Age and is no longer freely available.)

Please read the full article on The Age website.  This may be just the precedent needed to force a more humane approach to people fleeing persecution and arriving in Australia.

9 comments on “United Nations smacks Australia’s asylum seeker policies

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  2. What is even more telling is when the government psychiatrists in charge of the mental health of the asylum seekers says they are being treated in an inhumane manner and in fact goes to the press about it when asked by the government to suppress the information regarding self harming among children.


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