Upcoming documentary: Bloody UnAustralian

Many Australians will know the name Eva Orner. She is an Academy award winning filmmaker. Although Eva has lived in the USA for some years now, she is coming home because she feels so strongly about Australia’s treatment of asylum seekers. Her project is a documentary titled “Bloody UnAustralian”.

Eva is a first generation Australia and grew up here in the 70s. As Eva tells the Sydney Morning Herald “When people did something that wasn’t decent, you’d be like, ‘That’s bloody unAustralian’. It was a nice, old-fashioned part of vernacular that applies to this, which is something that has become very Australian – but it should be bloody unAustralian.”

If you follow this website you have an interest in human rights because that is how this website started. You may be Australian, you may not. If you care as much as I do, please support Eva’s project any way you can from where ever you are.

Eva is crowd-sourcing the final funding (70% already funded) for this documentary. Can you spare just $5 to help Eva make this important documentary? Yes? Great! Visit Bloody UnAustralian! If you can afford $5,000 Eva will come to your workplace, school organization and screen the film, give a talk and do a Q & A. (In the US or Australia). There are lots of choices in between! If, like me, you can’t afford much money you can help by simply spreading the word. Tax deductible donations can be made through Documentary Australia Foundation.

You can also visit the Facebook page and follow on Twitter.

Eva made the highly acclaimed “The Network”. You can read about that project on Documenting Afghanistan’s Transformation.

There are many articles on this site about the plight of asylum seekers reaching Australia. Here is a selection.

Bloody UnAustralian

8 comments on “Upcoming documentary: Bloody UnAustralian

  1. Dylan is sadly a reflection of the ignorance that pervades Australia


  2. how bloody unaustralian are all you guys to care/put refugees infront of all the poor, homeless, indiginous, disadvanaged australians that already live or were born here!! I hope you fail miserably Eva. Bringing in more people with no education or money is just going to strain the system, infrastructure, schools, hospitals, roads, public housing, job opportunities even further. Where is the sense in that?? why dont you bloody go to their country and lobby their government to look after their own people and leave our government out of it????
    your ‘do good attitude’ is so naive to the future sustaining a life style in our own country.


    • Good grief, Dylan, do something about your education. Learn English!

      No-one has suggested putting asylum seekers ahead of existing Australians. Where is that suggested? I’d like you to produce proof of that. The fact is it costs a HUGE amount of money to incarcerate asylum seekers – money that could be invested in not only their future but also Australians. Incarcerating them is a waste of taxpayers’ money.

      It is actually illegal under international law to place these people in concentration camps. Are you supporting Australia breaking international law?

      So it is OK to bring in people on 457 visas but not asylum seekers? Why? Many are educated and qualified. I don’t have a “do good” attitude, I have a humanist attitude.

      Refugees have contributed to “the system” in many ways over the years. My Doctor’s brother was a Vietnamese asylum seeker – have they not contributed?

      Are you suggesting I attempt to overthrow corrupt governments intent on genocide? I’m not sure I have the skills for that.

      We take so very few on the world’s displaced people, we should be ashamed. Look at the comment on this link http://www.blogcatalog.com/discuss/entry/bloody-unaustralian-upcoming-documentary – we didn’t help then and we haven’t changed much.


  3. Hi Robyn, thank you for letting me know about this movie. I’ve supported it with what I can and hopefully more will as well so that it gets made.


  4. This is important info. Thank you.


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