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I claimed asylum before passport control not after

This experience came to my attention today. I am publishing with the permission of the writer. I have made some minor grammar and spelling corrections as requested by the writer. I came in Australia in August 2012 with a visa which I received from Australian embassy in Moscow however I’m considered as an illegal arrival […]

Upcoming documentary: Bloody UnAustralian

Many Australians will know the name Eva Orner. She is an Academy award winning filmmaker. Although Eva has lived in the USA for some years now, she is coming home because she feels so strongly about Australia’s treatment of asylum seekers. Her project is a documentary titled “Bloody UnAustralian”. Eva is a first generation Australia […]

Economies of scale or a deterrence measure?

I am definitely late to the party on this one but I have an excuse – the Abbott government are providing so much chaff to munch on, I’m overindulging. Yesterday I was alerted to an already three day old article by Michael Safi in The Guardian. Essentially Michael’s article concentrates on changes to the Refugee […]

Goodies, baddies, wimps: where are the ADULTS?

Perhaps the adults are actually in Cambodia, because Australia’s supply seems to have run out! Would somebody out there like to explain, with supporting evidence, why Australia deems it appropriate to dump vulnerable people on third world countries? Manus Island hasn’t worked out so well (not like a raft of people didn’t warn it was […]

Elysium: movie review

After seeing the trailer when we went to see Word War Z, I really wanted to see Elysium. I heard reports of what a great movie it was. Icing on the cake was Matt Damon criticising Australia’s treatment of asylum seekers when he visited to promote the movie.

New Land, New Life – a documentary everyone should watch

Today Craig Pendlebury drew my attention to a wonderful documentary about the lives of five refugees that had been highlighted in an article in the Sydney Morning Herald. I am very grateful to to Craig, for had he not brought it to my attention I would have missed it totally.  As much as I try […]

Open Letter to ASIO

In May last year I wrote about Ranjini.  Ranjini is still being held in detention and is about to give birth to her third child. Ranjini may already be in labour as I write this. Edit – Ranjini gave birth to a lovely baby boy January 15th! I want to stress, this is NOT about the […]