New Land, New Life – a documentary everyone should watch

Today Craig Pendlebury drew my attention to a wonderful documentary about the lives of five refugees that had been highlighted in an article in the Sydney Morning Herald. I am very grateful to to Craig, for had he not brought it to my attention I would have missed it totally.  As much as I try to stay abreast of such things, it is not always possible.

Thankfully, the documentary is available on YouTube so I have been able to view it and share it with my family as further evidence of what can be achieved in a new land.

Deng Thiak Adut arrived here in 1998 as an illiterate 15 year old. He is now a criminal defence lawyer. That is a pretty amazing achievement, don’t you think?

The other refugees highlighted in this documentary have similarly amazing stories of survival and achievement.

The documentary speaks for itself. My job here is nothing more than to draw this wonderful testament to your attention. Please view the video and share it as widely as you can.

Craig, thank you! Thank you so much to Michael Power from afterglow.net.au for such great work.

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