Australia in pictures

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All photos the property of Robyn Oyeniyi.  If you wish to use a photo, please contact us for permission.

17 comments on “Australia in pictures

  1. Beautiful, some places I have been to brought back memories, some places I have not been to thank you. We sure are the Lucky Country. Hope it always stays that way, as it is like like living in paradise to me. Thank you.


  2. Just sat mesmerised for 5mins. The Sunday dinner’ll never get cooked at this rate! Just remarking to husband that wherever you are in the world there are photos with similarities. The “stacks” in your gallery are reminiscent of those off the Algarve, and indeed those off my own north east of England coast! And the shallow falls could so be our own Yorkshire Dales. Not so wet, of course, as you’ve pointed out.


  3. What beautiful places you have there…time for me to start thinking about “retiring” from my work and initiating some new adventures….Australia amongst them….and New Zealand…your home country??…I REALLY want to see those mountains, forests, lakes and glaciers, too!


    • New Zealand is beautiful, Kathy, especially the South Island. If there is one thing I miss here it is the snow-capped Alps of the South Island. Allow plenty of time for your travels! Australia is not a small country!


  4. You sure do have a pretty country. I liked the one with a long view of I think it looked like a wheat field, with trees intersperced here and there and green in the distance. Those long views are so inspiring. And the cave formations. So nice!


    • These are not the best photos in the world, Sara, but they are mine (so I can freely use them :lol:) and they do give overseas people an idea of our great land. Thanks for appreciating them!


  5. Beautiful pictures, hoping one day to be able to travel and see some of the beautiful countries. I love the sea, and my wish is one day to live by the sea !!


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