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Unless you are a white male, chances are sexism and/or racism will get you

Ever heard of Muzikillz? No? Don’t feel bad, neither had I. Muzikillz is a successful DJ. That success didn’t come until she became a he. Not a surgical transformation, just a disguise to get bookings. You see, potential clients loved her demo tapes. As long as they thought she was a man. Once they saw […]

Muhammad Ali in full flight – why is everything white

This video says SO much. Watch his cheeky grin and you know this is edutainment. Of course, being an atheist I can’t buy Muhammad’s “learning the truth”, HOWEVER given Islam abhors racism it is see clear why he  reverted and much of the truth he talks about IS truth (losing names and history etc).  The title in YouTube […]

Whichever way you look at it, this is SO wrong

A story fluttered into my view on Facebook, that repository of factual information. I noticed a few other similar reports of the same incident and given the Here’s A Quick Recap Of All The Times Australia Treated Muslims Like Complete Garbage This Week I had read not long ago, together with the reports I was hearing on […]

Freedom of thought over hurt feelings

There is much mainstream and social media coverage over the proposed changes to the Racial Discrimination Act. Like many, I am, prima facie, against changing the legislation. I do accept that I am open to being persuaded by what would need to be a damn good argument. I don’t personally experience being non-white. I do […]

How does a racist hide racism?

A racist claims to not be a racist when the racist says he or she believes we are all one race, the human race. I make the same claim. The difference between the racist’s use of the phrase and mine, is my context is not the same. I recognise difference, the need for cultural intelligence […]

The Sapphires new cover: racist, sexist or opportunistic?

I’ve seen The Sapphires and I loved the movie. The acting was great, the story a terrific (and true) story. Today I read it is being released in the US with this cover: W. T. F?

Eddie, Eddie, Eddie

I cannot believe a man of Eddie’s age does not understand that comparing a black person to King Kong is hurtful. I can’t believe he is totally unaware of the history, of the time when black peoples were not considered human. I’m not positive, but I understand black peoples are the only ethnicities to have […]

Application of Stereotypes – revisited

Back in December last year I wrote about the Application of Stereotypes. All Americans have big hair and perfect teeth.  Do they?  Not in my experience. The English only bath once a week.  Highly unlikely, don’t you think? Australians are all binge drinkers.  As a nation we have a well documented problem in this regard, […]