Do you think if I GROVEL to Ford?

My Dream Car

My Dream Car

Loved the song too. OK – we have all changed since 1964 when the Mustang was first released.

No-one sings it like Wilson Pickett in the 1960s, but The Commitments illustrate the changes in just twenty years!



Back to my grovelling. The only car I ever wanted was a Mustang. I have driven Fords the majority of my life, I deserve one!

There was a dark green Model T, a yellow Cortina in the 70s, a red S-Pack in the 80s, a mint green Falcon followed by a dark blue Fiesta in the 90s, a white station wagon somewhere between the Fiesta and a silver Falcon in naughties. I’ve been faithful!!

In Silver

In Silver

A blogging buddy of mine, miles away in Canada, actually owns a Mustang. A ’67 Mustang. I hate her. But Donna knows I hate her, so it is OK. I have car envy.

The odd thing is, I’m not even a petrol-head. To me, a car has always been just something to get me from A to B.


Ford need to take pity on little old ladies and I’d promise to write very honest reviews!

Please, please, Mr Ford, it is my 60th birthday in June – a Mustang would be the BEST PRESENT EVERRRRRRR!!!

Plus the kids would be SO JEALOUS!

This all started because that thirty-something daughter of mine posted the news on Facebook. With a stunning photo.

When the original Mustang was unveiled at the New York motor show in April 1964, Ford expected to sell 100,000 examples in the first 12 months. In fact, Ford sold more than 1 million Mustangs in the first 18 months. It took Chevrolet 40 years to reach the same milestone with the Corvette. More than 9 million Mustangs have been sold since 1964.

If any of my readers are thinking of buying one, you can go to the Mustang page and drool appropriately.

6 comments on “Do you think if I GROVEL to Ford?

  1. […] or kind, from brands related to my health (thankfully that does not preclude Ford from giving me a Mustang or Lenovo from donating a laptop should they see […]


  2. I don’t actually have the 67 anymore sweetie…but this year Mustang turned 50 and so did I, so I bought myself a new one. Well she isn’t a new one as in a 2015, though I would love one, they are freaking amazing…but my new one (to me) is a 2010 and her name is Belle 🙂 she is nearly as beautiful as that red one in your picture… I didn’t go long without one…you should get one, you deserve it!!

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  3. No I’m not thinking of buying one but I am thinking of having a 60th birthday in June!

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