7 comments on “How Apple plus school made this parent grumpy

  1. The problem is the school, and so it is yours as parent. No good reason whatsoever to download an app today rather than overnight. School needs a rocket.
    In fact it is absurd that such an expensive device seems to be effectively compulsory. Large numbers of Australian parents could not afford it. Again a school-parent issue


    • Yes, it is really a school issue. I think the age limit is good, however ineffective (anyone can put any birth date).

      But I don’t like the “only in the USA” attitude of Apple when they want a global market!


  2. This is me making an exasperated noise, *’n,~,*. As an adult we have to bend our principles over the small stuff often enough. Usually it’s unimportant, a preference rather than a hard line, and necessary for the well being of the group.

    But when it involves our sense of what is right, and teaching our children always involves our ethics, even small divergences become important. Pay attention to that uncomfortable feeling and stand your ground. For what it’s worth, you’d have my support.

    I’m also wondering why we, as a society, have allowed a particular (generally more expensive) brand to become the default. But that’s another rave.

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  3. I guess this just shows how our use of these devices is running ahead of their design. You would think it would be in Apple’s interest to put some more design into these account issue for educational use.

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