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Reduce 7 billion people to 100 people to depict our world

When Mr O Jnr 2 (he of the recent major bone surgery) was whinging about my internet restrictions he stated, categorically, that “everyone” else in the world had the internet – all seven billion people, according to him. Remembering the 100 People: A World Portrait I had read longer ago than I thought, I reminded […]

Education: who will get some?

Commenting on the 2014 federal budget is something I keep trying to stop doing, but every time I look at a newspaper, I get irritated and feel like wrangling these op-ed writers. Today it was Amanda Vanstone that set my fingers itching for the keyboard. I have periodically agreed, to varying degrees, with Amanda. I […]

Taxes versus benefits and other observations

The first Abbott/Hockey budget certainly stirred up a storm of controversy.  Not just in the mainstream media, but everywhere. There is a very interesting stream of comments on “Benefit scrounging scum in the news again. Disability is fake, right?” The same author wrote a little flash fiction worth considering on “For The Good Of The […]

I am a woman of calibre

Well, well, well: I’m a woman of calibre. How nice for me! I don’t earn that much, but the rest of it fits! I never got a cent of paid parental leave. I didn’t get a baby bonus either, or a first home owners’ grant. I did earn a degree and damn hard work it […]

What the hell is happening to the “civilised” western world?

I brought my family here from what is arguably a third world country.  Now I am left trying to explain to them why the western world seems to be crumbling before our very eyes.  I’d like to take a couple of prime news issues from the last couple of days to illustrate. Let us first […]

The use of language in society

Several issues have arisen lately in Australia that have convinced me more than ever standards of communication are dropping.  I have previously described my dissatisfaction with Australia’s politicians: they use personal attacks that have no place in society against their opponents. We then had four specific incidents in a month here. The protest in Sydney and elsewhere […]