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Reduce 7 billion people to 100 people to depict our world

When Mr O Jnr 2 (he of the recent major bone surgery) was whinging about my internet restrictions he stated, categorically, that “everyone” else in the world had the internet – all seven billion people, according to him. Remembering the 100 People: A World Portrait I had read longer ago than I thought, I reminded […]

Parental Controls and the Internet

When I was a child my parents never had to worry about me getting into trouble on the internet. We didn’t have a TV until I was about ten, let alone computers or mobile phones. This is what I did for entertainment: Now the internet is a parenting challenge. Everything connects: laptops, iPads, phones to […]

Office 2013 is Colourless or Colorless

Now for something completely different. Technology. I have a new laptop with Windows 8 and Office 2013/Office 365. Very fancy. I like the backlit keyboard. The Start button has gone! I hear Microsoft have brought it back with Windows 9 – good move. The Office themes are too white. Whiter than white. Oh, there is […]