Will we still be allowed BBQs by Sunday?

Here you go. White with one!

Great coffee - in a soup tureen?

Great coffee – in a soup tureen?

Thanks. You know, I’m so confused. I thought the right wing lot were all keen on small government and free speech and minimal intervention in our lives.

So they say. Why are you confused?

Yesterday I read journalists are being reported to the police for reporting the news. That sounds like government controlling the news to me, or am I just too stupid to understand the political world?

It does seem rather contradictory to the proclaimed belief in free speech, I agree.

Then I read someone tried to lodge an “Application to Show Cause” at the High Court and a registrar quoted a whole lot of legalese at her and said she couldn’t lodge it or file it or whatever they do. That seems like a pre-trial judgement to me. Isn’t that a contradiction in terms?

Yes, I read that too. When you look at that Guardian article and that High Court situation together, what do you see? Not to mention the recent Medicare debacle.

Well, to be fair, Medicare has nothing to do with the “Stop the Boats” slogan. The other two CLEARLY do. Looks like a control strategy to me. “1984” – are we there yet, Dad, are we there yet?

Remember when Morrison stopped the weekly media conferences, then stopped answering any questions at all for “operational reasons” or “on water security concerns”? Talk about a lack of transparency! That’s not “minimal intervention”!

I read somewhere once that Australia didn’t rank too highly on press freedom. Well, higher than many countries but 28 in the world is not great when we are the 13th largest economy! Oh, here, I know where I saw it! Australia fell two places too, in 2014!

Press Freedom

Pretty sad really. What a waste of Federal Police time! My tax dollars NOT being used to fight crime, you could say! You remember the UN Secretary-General’s address in 2011? “When governments repress their people and shield themselves from scrutiny, press freedom is among the most powerful vehicles for exposing misdeeds and upholding public trust” he said.

Blocking access to the courts in that manner is nefarious too. One minute one reason, then another. Really raises questions about the integrity of the system.

I really worry about the future for our children. We have all the environment issues, then we have a government that rabbits on endlessly about individual freedoms actually taking away our freedoms. And our health system. And our education system. It won’t be the asylum seekers in slavery, it will be you and me!

Let’s hope the voters wake up before it is too late. Are you going to Tim’s BBQ on Monday?

Yes, I’ll see you there. If we’re still allowed to have BBQs by Sunday. We can talk about how Manus Island fits into all this then.

2 comments on “Will we still be allowed BBQs by Sunday?

  1. You really have to wonder whatever happened to Timmy the Freedom Commissioner.

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