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Silence on Violence

Betty writes relatively infrequently, but when she does her words carry weight and are always a MUST READ. Do I want this sort of future for my daughters? No. Do you? No. It is up to US to make our politicians put this issue on the agenda. Now. Today. Please read the full article on Betty’s web site. This is too important to allow our politicians to sweep under the carpet.

TRIGGER WARNING may be applicable for some readers.

One Voice In The Crowd

DVholdhand-1Well the Queensland election is now in full swing with both major and minor parties out on the hustings with promises and counter promises announced daily. Asset sales/ leases, new roads, schools, extra teachers, extra nurses, gas & coal mining, saving the Barrier Reef and a plethora of other issues.

Our leaders are busy I know but I cant accept that no-one has mentioned domestic and family violence and the fact that 2 Queensland women have been killed in the first two weeks of 2015. This together with another 4 women killed across Australia and we have a national tragedy. 6 women killed in 2 weeks and no-one is talking about it.

Late last year, Campbell Newman launched a Domestic & Family Violence Taskforce headed by Dame Quentin Bryce to review responses across the State. This Taskforce is not due to hand down its report until late March, well after…

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