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Will we still be allowed BBQs by Sunday?

Here you go. White with one! Thanks. You know, I’m so confused. I thought the right wing lot were all keen on small government and free speech and minimal intervention in our lives. So they say. Why are you confused? Yesterday I read journalists are being reported to the police for reporting the news. That […]

Dead Man Walking versus Dead Woman Walking

If, as women, we accept the use of “Dead Man Walking” to describe male politicians we can hardly complain if “Dead Woman Walking” is used to describe a female politician. I don’t consider that sexist per se (although I have other concerns), I consider it the current rough and tumble of politics. Granted, in Julia […]

The women of tomorrow

I would like to highlight the work of one of the women of tomorrow. Inspiring! The video maker says, in the About text of the video: I think “professional feminists” need to take a step back sometimes and look through the eyes of the passionate and naive, as opposed to their highly educated and academic […]