A little spotted dick, anyone?

I’m swimming against the tide here, but I have a feeling the Liberal Party may very well find itself in the same position as the USA GOP during the presidential election. A sure thing to win, if I recall, according to most of the media. Then the women of the USA got a little pissed off over some of the stupidity exhibited by many of the GOP candidates. Suddenly the sure win evaporated.

I said to an acquaintance this morning that in my opinion Julia Gillard had been ill-advised to “play the gender card”. That was until I saw the menu. Yes, you know – THAT menu, the one speaking about red boxes and small breasts.



They say “hell hath no fury like a woman scorned”. Let me tell you, hell hath no fury like a woman who sees her reputation tarnished by association.  I am very thankful I did NOT renew my Liberal Party membership. I am not a Labor supporter. I am even less a supporter of downright degrading and childish behaviour. Whether anyone likes it or not, Julia Gillard IS the Prime Minister of Australia and is entitled to be treated with at least a modicum of respect.

Let us assume Rudd was still PM for a moment. Would the menu have read “Ruddy Spotted dick – small portions only available“? I don’t think so. You know why I don’t think so? Because as much as men might hate each other in the heat of political battle, their genitals are inviolate, being such a special part of the male anatomy.  Feel free to prove I’m wrong if such a menu from the past can be produced.

Surf & Turf? At a Liberal Party dinner? Not exactly the most couth choice surely? More often associated with a local pub meal?

I am still of the opinion that Julia herself may have been better to raise above the fracas and let others take the delinquents to task. Irrespective, I think, I hope, this will be a wake up call to the women of Australia and the men that love them and they will show the Liberal Party exactly what they think of such abhorrent, puerile and irresponsible behaviour. For make NO mistake, if this is what these people consider “funny”, this is how these people actually think. In this respect, Julia is right, for if this is how they think, this is how they will govern.

Tony Abbott has said every child should read the Bible before leaving school. Show me where in the Bible the “joke” of this menu is good Christian behaviour?

That menu didn’t just insult Julia Gillard, it insulted every female in this country. While I was facing indecision about where to cast my vote, after today I’m DAMN sure I know where I am NOT casting my vote.

I’m not even calling it misogyny as many are. To me it is just plain lack of intelligence and education. I do not need or want people of such low calibre governing this great nation.

Do you?

Postscript: There are rumours circulating that the chef has put his hand up to say it was a joke and the menu was never circulated. There are also reports from reliable sources that say Mal Brough has admitted it was used at a fundraiser.

Mr Brough says the menu was drawn up by a non-party member who thought it would be “humorous” and “didn’t mean any harm by it,” but is now “deeply apologetic”.


The following day there was the wannabe shock jock asking if the PM’s partner was gay, pushing on to ask are they (the PM and her partner) in a heterosexual relationship. Read about that here: http://www.theage.com.au/opinion/political-news/shock-jock-suspended-for-gay-question-20130613-2o71q.html

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17 comments on “A little spotted dick, anyone?

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  4. Yeah – like the restaurant didn’t compile that menu without direct LNP oversight? Like how f…..ing stupid do they think we are? Really? I mean, REALLY! I just think it is sad that it has to be the repeatedly puerile behavior from these pathetic little worms that has changed the authors voting behavior! What a shame she didn’t make her decision base do n the government which protected Australia from the worst of the GFC, maintained a AAA credit rating while the rest of the world went down the toilet, introduced paid maternity leave, introduced a national disability insurance scheme, created 750 000 jobs, and is desperately trying to fix the public education system. But hey – what would I know!?


    • All a little too confusing and if not confusing, convenient. First Mal saw it, then he didn’t and in my view there is an awful lot of spin happening. But what would we know? 😉 After all, we are just the “mug punters”, right?


  5. Thanks Robyn for saying what my combustible anger could not express!… Loved it… I can now breath ;)))


  6. I knew all along for whom I definitely cannot vote for. But I still do not know who I can vote for!


  7. Dear Robyn,

    There is an arrogance in their stupidity mixed with genuine indignation at any criticism of their behaviour. What concerns me further is their inability to ‘fess’ up and face the consequences of their actions. And these are the quality of men likely to be leading the country after September.

    Happy Birthday for yesterday.



  8. Nicely written as usual Robyn,

    I agree this is too low for misogyny, actually I compare it to the childish spiteful rubbish put out by the young Liberals.
    Worrying to think that as they get older they dont get any better really.
    Simple fact, MP’s dont apologise for what they didn’t see, do or create.
    Brough did and at a rapid rate once it hit the news, this said it all for me.

    Now as much as I enjoyed the article after reading this im concerned about my genitals being inviolate, not sure but this term makes them seem somehow spontaneously combustible, have to Google that one..(-:

    Loved it, applaud it and im sharing it around.



  9. ‘Mr Brough says the menu was drawn up by a non-party member who thought it would be “humorous” and “didn’t mean any harm by it,” but is now “deeply apologetic”.’

    Says it all. More scrambling for cover than a naked Mal Brough who forgot to close the bathroom curtains.


    • 😉

      So convenient that it was “drawn up” by a non-member, don’t you think? That doesn’t preclude a member suggesting it to the non-member, I would suggest (only SUGGESTING, mind).


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