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Being a one-eyed supporter is easy

It must be wonderful to be a one-eyed supporter of anything: a football team, a soccer team, a political party or ideology; or a religion. If you are a one-eyed supporter you can close your eyes and ears to anything that you think doesn’t fit your world. I’m not a one-eyed supporter of anything. I […]

Word of the Day: Voluntarism

Following on from my article about Tim Wilson, I want to look a little more deeply at his ideologies. You may have noticed the word “voluntarism” in his short statement accepting his appointment as the Freedom Commissioner. It has been a great pleasure working at the IPA with so many bright and talented individuals toward […]

A little spotted dick, anyone?

I’m swimming against the tide here, but I have a feeling the Liberal Party may very well find itself in the same position as the USA GOP during the presidential election. A sure thing to win, if I recall, according to most of the media. Then the women of the USA got a little pissed […]

How does history get so twisted?

Last night I watched Immigration Nation on SBS One and filled in some gaps in my knowledge. For months I’ve been hearing it said on social media that Malcolm Fraser has become more humanitarian with age, he wasn’t like that when he was Prime Minister. Oh, yes he was! Whitlam allowed 1,000 and no more […]

Dear Deputy Leader of the Opposition

Dear Julie, You and I have a lot in common, I notice. I am only thirteen months older than you and we both grew up on farms: mine was sheep and cattle. We are both female, something I will look at again later. We are both degree qualified and we both work. As you know, […]

I will not be renewing my Liberal Party membership

I’ve been feeling less and less able to to support the Liberal Party for some time. I’ve reached the point where I find I cannot, in all conscience, remain a member. I was particularly disappointed in Joe Hockey’s attack on the Prime Minister over Christmas. That sort of thing just isn’t necessary in a civilised […]