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Dead Man Walking versus Dead Woman Walking

If, as women, we accept the use of “Dead Man Walking” to describe male politicians we can hardly complain if “Dead Woman Walking” is used to describe a female politician. I don’t consider that sexist per se (although I have other concerns), I consider it the current rough and tumble of politics. Granted, in Julia […]

Motherhood, sexism, feminism, rap and the whole damn thing

Last week, as an afterthought, I popped this short statement at the end of Feminism can be frivolous fun: A parental afterthought – please stop calling each other “bitches”. You are just popularising the images from rap songs which glorify mistreatment of women. Parents battle to teach their sons to respect women and this undermines all […]

A little spotted dick, anyone?

I’m swimming against the tide here, but I have a feeling the Liberal Party may very well find itself in the same position as the USA GOP during the presidential election. A sure thing to win, if I recall, according to most of the media. Then the women of the USA got a little pissed […]

Nicolle Flint loses her points by being political

Yesterday I noticed a bit of bother on Twitter over an opinion article by Nicolle Flint in The Age titled Handbag Hit Squad hypocrisy damages merit-based success.  Intrigued, I read the article.  In my view, Nicolle had some valid points however she destroyed her argument by wrapping it up in a political rally cry for Tony […]

Sexism, misogyny, gender equality: what does it all mean?

The media, both social and mainstream, has been arguing over the topic of gender equality for a while. Since Prime Minister Julia Gillard raked Leader of the Opposition Tony Abbott over the coals for sexism and misogyny last week, the debate had become incessant.  The video is at the end of this article for those […]

The use of language in society

Several issues have arisen lately in Australia that have convinced me more than ever standards of communication are dropping.  I have previously described my dissatisfaction with Australia’s politicians: they use personal attacks that have no place in society against their opponents. We then had four specific incidents in a month here. The protest in Sydney and elsewhere […]