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A little Nigerian take on love

There are some really great Nigerian writers and speakers. One I have found recently is Elnathan John who writes over on that “other” platform on the interwebz that doesn’t have a re-blog button to automatically share. This is my attempt at a manual approximation. HOW TO SHOW NIGERIAN LOVE To quote D’Banj, “love is a beautiful […]

In the Australia of the future, you will fly out to see a doctor

Jane felt the baby’s head. Little Jamie was hot. Too hot. “Philip”, she screamed, “I’m scared!” Jane’s husband dragged himself out of bed and with considerable effort limped down the corridor to his daughter’s bedroom. One look told him she was feverish. Jane was sponging Jamie gently and had administered yet another dose of Infant […]

Christmas Cabinet Reshuffle a gift to the Australian people

Despairing of the costs to the taxpayer of the disabled and unemployed members of Australian society, Abbott decided it was necessary to take action to ensure by Christmas 2015 the taxpayers would be able to spend more of their hard-earned money on their own families, rather than paying taxes to support the vulnerable in society. […]

Captain, Captain, I don’t know where we are

“Captain, please come to the bridge. I’m not sure where the border is.” “WTF? What are you talking about?” “Captain, I am serious. We’ve had a Ephemeris error. Or a Propagation delay error. Or maybe there are bubbles in the compass. I’m not sure!” “Are you sure the helmsman didn’t just stay on autopilot too long? You […]

Solution for asylum seekers? Reintroduce slavery

I really don’t get the problem with all this asylum seeker nonsense. The solution is simple and we don’t even have to go and capture or buy them from West Africa like the Americans did back in the day. They come to us for free! In fact, some even pay smugglers to get here, so […]