This week has a human rights focus

While you might say this site always has a human rights focus, this week I am the curator for the Twitter handle @HumanRightsRCur so I will be sharing various human rights information.



If you are on Twitter and interested in human rights from around the world, please follow! 🙂

One of the aspects of human rights many of us take for granted in first world countries is food.

The weekend was our fortnightly shopping trip. We shop on a very tight budget, travelling to the Queen Victoria Market each fortnight, yet I know many, many people around the world would never see such vast arrays of food available. The truck covered in graffiti was just, well, interesting!

Those of us who live in relative comfort, even though we battle our bills, should take the time to recognise we are not really so badly off compared with many others around the world.

How can we ensure adequate food supplies to our ever growing population? There are warning bells ringing about future supplies, let alone shortages in many places now.

Wells are drying up and underwater tables falling so fast in the Middle East and parts of India, China and the US that food supplies are seriously threatened, one of the world’s leading resource analysts has warned.


These are problems not solved overnight, but they are problems we must face.

3 comments on “This week has a human rights focus

  1. […] this week in my curator role on the @HumanRightsRCur Twitter account, I came across a very interesting article talking about how […]


  2. Thank you very much for the food/environment link to The Guardian, Robyn. I just had a look at their website. A few headlines about ‘food waste’ for instance caught my eye. Why is it that we have to throw away one in ten bananas and discard one third of wrapped up salad that we buy?


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