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A woman is left for dead and the media are quiet

Edit May 8, 2014: An update is posted HERE. Maybe there are police reasons for this, but having looked at the video of the police appealing for help, I don’t think so. If you haven’t heard of the case, Shey Webber was found in her home beaten and left to die. Her injuries are described […]

This week has a human rights focus

While you might say this site always has a human rights focus, this week I am the curator for the Twitter handle @HumanRightsRCur¬†so I will be sharing various human rights information. If you are on Twitter and interested in human rights from around the world, please follow! ūüôā One of the aspects of human rights […]

I am a woman of calibre

Well, well, well: I’m a woman of calibre. How nice for me! I don’t earn that much, but the rest of it fits! I never got a cent of paid parental leave. I didn’t get a baby bonus either, or a first home owners’ grant. I did earn a degree and damn hard work it […]

A Common Enemy – The Elengia

***Previous episodes of A Common Enemy can be found on the top menu, or start at¬†A Common Enemy. ¬†A little sci-fi in progress.¬†*** Palenda slithered into the resting¬†cocoon and gently touched Rosna. He knew she was asleep, but¬†¬†he needed to feel her nearness. They had come so far to save their families; perhaps even their […]

A Common Enemy

Earth sparkled in the sunlight, a blue and white ball gliding through space in the orbit determined¬†millennia¬†ago. The ship hovered above, listening to the babel of voices detected by the sound sensors. Leader Rosna shook her lateral tendrils in horror. “How does this planet survive?” The sound technician was battling to isolate the various sound […]

Would you prefer to be a Rinehart or a sex slave?

Today I read two newspaper articles.¬† Not an unusual event, I know.¬† In one article three young (believed to be under 18), vulnerable women had been allegedly lured from Thailand on the promise of student visas only to become sex slaves in Australia.¬† Due to a tip-off to the Salvation Army, the poor young women […]