If human rights is not something you think about, I invite to read Dr George Venturini

Dr Venturni has an impressive legal bio. He has started a new series of articles on Independent Australia looking at “the history and reasons for Australia’s current unfair and illegal refugee policy”. I invite you to click on the picture below and read Dr Venturini’s excellent article.

Dr Venturini on Independent Australia

Dr Venturini on Independent Australia

This will be an interesting series of articles about an important topic.

I have no idea who Ron is, but his comment sums up what I think many of us feel:

The sad thing about the asylum seeker issue is how it has been used as a political football for the past decade or so. Howard kicked this off with Tampa and had the loud support of the MSM/ABC, in particular the radio hate jocks. Today we have seen the sad consequences of the race to the bottom to win the huge redneck vote. Incredibly, the LNP and their support base still argue that, despite the incarceration and the attendant hardships, the Government is rolling out the red carpet for asylum seekers. Hard to believe, but there it is.

I am highlighting this article because I believe it is a valuable contribution to the debate and yet it has been shared on Twitter a mere 7 times (and I was one of those 7) and “liked” on Facebook 50 times, at the time I took the screen shot above on Sunday afternoon. The article was published several days ago. I believe Dr Venturini’s work merits as wide an audience as possible.

2 comments on “If human rights is not something you think about, I invite to read Dr George Venturini

  1. http://www.spiegel.de/international/europe/press-review-on-mass-influx-of-european-immigrants-to-germany-a-898786.html
    Hi Robyn, this is about the influx of immigrants to Germany. I thought maybe you’d like to have a look. Congratulations on getting your book published!


    • Thank you, that is a very interesting article. Completely different than our situation, it would seem!

      Thank you re the book too! Have done enough packing for the night tonight, I am tired from work and the lugging cartons around!


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