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Manus bothers me – it should bother you too

The media has been diligently reporting on the Manus Island situation. The new Minister has castigated the media for publishing false reports. Yet the Minister has provided no proof the reports are false. 'Our humanity is diminished when something like this takes place' #Manus #auspol http://t.co/oxCYjgXtBx — Welcome to Australia (@welcome2aussie) January 20, 2015

Bubs Belong With Mums

Edit Nov 15: It has been reported the baby and family are now reunited, but ONLY because the baby has been discharged from hospital. No changes to policy or regulations or standing orders or whatever red tape controls these things, so what of the next case and the case after that? We need to keep […]

Should we send a woman pregnant with twins to Nauru?

Edit October 20: Since this and many other articles were published, Morrison has come out strongly denying there are any pregnant women with twins on Nauru. I note he does not say there never were: Despite this, Mr Morrison used the once-weekly briefing to admonish assembled journalists for misreporting asylum seeker issues, including the widely […]

Malcolm Fraser has called for a Royal Commission

Malcolm Fraser has called for a Royal Commission into “Australia’s management of offshore asylum seeker processing”: in other words, a Royal Commission into the Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship. I hope he is successful and that many voices join his. This article is my way of saying, “Yes, I support Malcolm’s call”.  The Royal […]

If human rights is not something you think about, I invite to read Dr George Venturini

Dr Venturni has an impressive legal bio. He has started a new series of articles on Independent Australia looking at “the history and reasons for Australia’s current unfair and illegal refugee policy”. I invite you to click on the picture below and read Dr Venturini’s excellent article.