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Want to make a political comment? How risky is it really?

The last time I checked, Australia was a democracy. In fact, SO democratic are we that it is compulsory to vote if one is eligible. Is not voting an expression of political opinion? I have long been aware there is no implicit or explicit right to free speech in Australia’s constitution however there has always, […]

If human rights is not something you think about, I invite to read Dr George Venturini

Dr Venturni has an impressive legal bio. He has started a new series of articles on Independent Australia looking at “the history and reasons for Australia’s current unfair and illegal refugee policy”. I invite you to click on the picture below and read Dr Venturini’s excellent article.

Partner (Spouse) Visa Applications and certified copies

I have written several articles about Partner (Spouse) Visa applications in the past, yet not once have I explained “certified copies”.   In speaking to several people lately who are submitting Partner Visa applications I have realised the concept of certified copies of documents is a mystery to many people. Just photocopying your birth certificate, marriage certificate […]