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A little Nigerian take on love

There are some really great Nigerian writers and speakers. One I have found recently is Elnathan John who writes over on that “other” platform on the interwebz that doesn’t have a re-blog button to automatically share. This is my attempt at a manual approximation. HOW TO SHOW NIGERIAN LOVE To quote D’Banj, “love is a beautiful […]

Captain, Captain, I don’t know where we are

“Captain, please come to the bridge. I’m not sure where the border is.” “WTF? What are you talking about?” “Captain, I am serious. We’ve had a Ephemeris error. Or a Propagation delay error. Or maybe there are bubbles in the compass. I’m not sure!” “Are you sure the helmsman didn’t just stay on autopilot too long? You […]

Dear Deputy Leader of the Opposition

Dear Julie, You and I have a lot in common, I notice. I am only thirteen months older than you and we both grew up on farms: mine was sheep and cattle. We are both female, something I will look at again later. We are both degree qualified and we both work. As you know, […]

Dave Allen on religion

Religion from the perspective of a four-year-old. This video was pointed out to me tonight during a conversation about religion and I just had to share it with our audience.  To those of you too young to remember Dave Allen, he was perhaps one of the greatest comedians of my generation my parent’s generation.  I […]

L for Laconic Larrikinism

Aussies have a rep.  A couple of reps, actually.  A reputation for being laconic (I’m not, but I can be excused for having been born elsewhere) and a reputation for being larrikins.  I might have been one of those in my younger days: I am way, way too old to be one now! 😉 I […]