Dave Allen on religion

Religion from the perspective of a four-year-old.

This video was pointed out to me tonight during a conversation about religion and I just had to share it with our audience.  To those of you too young to remember Dave Allen, he was perhaps one of the greatest comedians of my generation my parent’s generation.  I particularly like the bit about the burnt finger!

Hope you enjoy!


9 comments on “Dave Allen on religion

  1. […] the atheists, some of them so self-righteous they turn even this atheist off atheism! We have the Christians behaving in very un-Christian ways when it comes to human rights. Yet everyone is so damn […]


  2. This is tears-streamingly hilarious. Sad thing is, so many theists stop asking the sane, rational, truthful questions the child in Dave’s sketch was asking. Fear of hell and damnation turns enquiring, opening minds into fearful, closed ones. Tragic – and dangerous.


  3. I absolutely love Dave Allen – I can remember hurrying home for Scouts to watch his shows 🙂


  4. Ha Ha Ha . . . this is FUNNY stuff. Kids are brainwashed before they are old enough to think through things for themselves.

    Thanks, Robyn.


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