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Do you think if I GROVEL to Ford?

Loved the song too. OK – we have all changed since 1964 when the Mustang was first released.

A very short rant about sugar!

As you will of course know, I am using MyFitnessPal to track my food intake. Sugar is unavoidable! Every damn day I have exceeded the 5o-odd gram allowance. Sugar is in everything, it is unavoidable. I’ve not been near the sugar bowl today and STILL the computer says I have eaten too much sugar! Some […]

Exercising and activity tracking with VivoFit

Yes, I’ve joined the VivoFit crowd. I mentioned this the other day in passing. I don’t need some really expensive piece of equipment to keep track of my activity levels, but I did need something now that exercise is so important to keep my rheumatoid arthritis managed. In conjunction with the drugs, of course! My pedometers […]

Learning to live with a chronic condition

Fair warning – this is just a dump of the thoughts and emotions one goes through. Everyone will be different, with different conditions, severity, prognosis and circumstances. We all go through a learning curve. If you are in this space in your life, drop by and say “Hi!”. If you have a friend or family […]

The dose makes the poison – Paracelsus

The dose makes the poison. So said 16th century physician Paracelsus. I learnt this today reading an article in The Guardian titled Inside the food industry: the surprising truth about what you eat by Joanna Blythman. At this point in time I known very little about Blythman but I am going to make it a priority […]

Ernestine Johnson – for two special girls I love

What the Dutch can teach us about private health insurance in general practice

What the Dutch can teach us about private health insurance in general practice

We need to start thinking outside the square – here is one such example we could look at in Australia. Maybe, maybe not – but unless we do more than allow knee-jerk reactions in Canberra, we will end up with a USA-style health system.

The Do Not Call Register

Years ago I registered my phone numbers on the Do Not Call Register. Lately I have been getting more and more “marketing” calls on both numbers. Many of them, annoyingly, are from private numbers. With four three teenagers and one young adult, I always feel a compulsion to answer calls. Who knows what trouble young people can […]

The joys of MyGov, Centrelink, Medicare, The Tax Man and eHealth

Please allow me to introduce you to the joys of MyGov. As an IT professional anything I can do on-line, I will. Certainly saves standing in queues. For overseas readers (or newish arrivals to Australia) we have a few government services we can access through a central portal and single log on. I quite like […]

What does ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ teach young women?

I have three daughters. The oldest is married and thirty-something (she’ll kill me if I quantify the “something”). The next in line is twenty and still relatively new to western civilisation although adapting remarkably well. The youngest is twelve.   I remember some discussion when ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ first came out. Now the movie […]