Autumn flowers in Melbourne

I’m out walking again – slowly and for short periods of time. As during the GCC last year, I can’t resist collecting pretty flowers in my travels.

I am COMPLETELY “flora ignoramus” so I have very few names! I simply enjoy the beauty of nature. Readers enjoyed my shots last year, so I’m picking up the habit again. Makes a change from unwellness and political debate!

If you are interested in last year’s shots but missed them, here is a selection.

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6 comments on “Autumn flowers in Melbourne

  1. Flowers never fail to lift the spirit Robyn, and this is a wonderful selection. The yellow rose just starting to open in particular caught my eye, it’s gorgeous and reminds me of my mother – she loved yellow roses.

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  2. Absolutely gorgeous, and perfect timing! Spring will be beginning here in a few weeks and with it the arrival of the first flowers. So this has been a wonderful preview of what I have to look forward to.

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