Sexual predators can go to hell

This may well end up being a nonsensical rant, but I’ve just read Prince Andrew is named in a lawsuit in the US over under-age sex allegations.

In the last twelve months we’ve had SO MANY high profile convicted or alleged offenders.

To name a few, it started, if I recall, with Rolf Harris, arrested in England. Then we moved on to Robert Hughes, the star of “Hey Dad”. Next in the firing line was none other than Bill Cosby, who while not yet before the courts is known to have made an out-of-court settlement in the past.

What the fuck is wrong with these people? Children and women are not your damn toys. Who the hell do these criminals think they are?

What’s more, these were men most would have thought beyond reproach. Pillars of their professions and communities. Most of them I respected as artists and I thought Prince Andrew was OK as royals go (and royals do have a bit of a reputation, most notably perhaps for chopping off the heads of wives).

Who the hell can we actually trust? Anyone? What is wrong with the human race?

Rant over. Feel free to add your personal rants below!

6 comments on “Sexual predators can go to hell

  1. Sexual abuse of children is abhorant, immoral as well as criminal behaviour. While we hear reports of high profile public figures engaged in pedophilia, we must also remember that the majority of children who are sexually abused are defiled by a family member or someone within their extended family. We need to find safe ways for children to disclose their abuse, be believed and have perpetrators criminally charged. Many victims suffer in silence for years. Like sexual abuse of adults, it is driven by the abuse of power & trust.

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    • Thank you Betty for the calm dose of reality. ☺

      I was just angry when I thought of these people we trusted….. yet they are in reality the mere tip of the ice-berg.

      Sometimes I don’t like humans much!


  2. I read an article posted nearly 4 years ago that said Prince Andrew was being criticised for his “close relationship” with banker Jeffrey Epstein, although there was “no suggestion” he had participated in sex with minors. Today … not so much.

    The rich and powerful find that money and influence can, indeed, buy anything they want. But Silence can only be bought for a limited time; eventually the truth comes out.

    I’m surprised you didn’t mention Jimmy Savile; it was his outrageous (and outrageously *open*) behaviour that started the ball rolling, at least in the UK, which was Operation Yewtree, which went on to catch Rolf and several others.

    The Brits were shocked to learn what so many of them had known all along. How could Jimmy Savile have got away for so long with doing that which everybody knew he was doing, and nobody raised a finger to stop? Even when some poor victim found the courage to speak out against this predatory pillar of the establishment, he/she was shut down by trusted, responsible people and nothing touched Savile.

    A similar story is playing out in the USA, as past accusations against Bill Cosby have been warded off variously by court settlement or legal intimidation or straight out denigration of the accusers as gold diggers. At last the women concerned are courageously speaking out and the allegations are gaining some traction. But resistance comes from the supporters of Bill Cosby who, despite not having any personal interest in the outcome, nevertheless make arguments like “why didn’t you report this when it happened?” It’s hard to criticise Islam’s legal weight of a woman’s testimony as half that of a man’s, when our own society won’t believe the word of dozens of women against that of a single powerful male entertainer.

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    • I thought of Savile, but I really was in rant mode and he would have required research. Sloppy of me, I know.

      You know, on Facebook it was suggested women just after money. Is it any wonder women don’t speak out?

      I was angry when I wrote this. Venting to be sure.

      Thank you for your calmer analysis!


  3. Hi,

    Here your frustration on this but my journey through life thus far has taught me that there are indeed people of very high and low sex drive whom are mostly ignored by the majority.

    They slip through the cracks via lack of information, understanding and just plain old vanilla ignorance about human sexuality sometimes ending up on the front page.

    I am of the opinion that until such time we are willing to get over our collective selves and genuinely educate children about sexuality this will always be the case.

    I remain hopeful that it may happen but won’t be holding my breath.


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    • J, I agree education is a must. We have to stop treating sex and bodies as a huge secret.

      One of the kids asked me the other day, looking at a rap star in a dress with little over the boobs, why it was OK to show half her boobs but she had to ensue no nipple outline. Good question. My answer? “I have no idea. Humans are strange. We ALL have nipples, people need to get over it.”

      I don’t understand the secrecy.


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