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Leaving Islam – the greatest jihad?


green sign with the word islamic state in arabic and english language standing in the white sand of the desert.

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The news is full of muslim converts striking out for Syria to answer the IS call to jihad, but what about those who no longer feel connected to Islam? In a religion inconsistent with science, logic, human rights and ethics, one so riddled with contradiction it offers equal endorsement of opposing arguments, rational-minded individuals must be leaving Islam in droves.

Aren’t they?

Tectonic Drift

Summer is a speck in the rearview mirror and Autumn is well underway. The metamorphosis outside echoes my internal state of flux. Tremulously yet inexorably, as a compass needle seeks true North, my worldview is re-orienting and an unexpected casualty in this stripping away of superfluity is my faith. It’s been a slow creeping process, this revolution of mine – seasonal in its pace and just as imperceptible. But I can see now it’s been building for a while.

Muslim Whack-A-Mole

When I first converted Muslims viewed me either as ‘extra special’, sprinkling me with ‘Mashallah’s’ like confetti, or conversely, appraised me with closed faces and narrowed eyes that judged me inferior because I was a westerner, a product of kuffar, not to be trusted.

Read the full article at Leaving Islam – the greatest jihad?

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I have sought and been granted Aisha’s permission to draw readers’ attention to her article. I met Aisha nearly four years ago on-line through our websites and when notification of the above article floated into my inbox it caught my attention. I have recently published several articles supporting the Muslim members of the Australian community.

Readers also know I am an avowed atheist and believe firmly in gender equality. Such readers may have found my support confusing. While I do not believe in religion, I believe in people’s right to freedom of (and from) religion and to follow their religion without persecution. To attack innocent Muslim women in Australia, because of the abhorrent actions of terrorists in the Middle East, I find abhorrent.

Aisha’s article is about a journey. Where that journey goes I don’t know yet, but I am interested. I think you will be too. I look forward to Aisha’s updates.

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