I wrote a little opinion piece

I wrote a little opinion piece which has been published on Independent Australia. I love the cartoon!



Hope you find it interesting. 🙂

In 24 hours it has proved remarkably popular.


5 comments on “I wrote a little opinion piece

  1. You’ve provoked a lot of replies, good on ya girl!


  2. There’s a rise in extremism across the political, social and intellectual spectrum as far as I can see. There are Religious extremists in the Orthodox Religious groups and among the scientific atheist community, there are political extremists from left to right, there are social extremists in every band of the social groupings and finally there are intellectual extremists in almost every system of thought; the latter I call intellectual fascists. Everywhere we are seeing the rise of a tide of extremist thinking which all constitutes a ‘threat to reason’ or the ‘threat of the unreasonable’, one could say. Reading a lot of online comment sections of various blogs one can see the frothing miasma of unreasonable opinionated angry shout blasted spittle bespattering attempts to bring a little reason and maturity to a variety of debatable topics. I laughed at the guy, (Frasca?), who commented that you didn’t understand Catholic thinking, as if that was an intelligent response to what you had written, as much as I laughed at the atheist who wondered why modern people still indulged superstition in the form of religion, as if that was an intelligent contribution to a theological debate. It seems that democracy must be working if the morons we have for politicians really do represent a moronic majority of voters. Abbot would be regarded as a centre ground politician in the USA and his thinking is resonant of what we all know Conservatives in the UK think and believe, except for Catholicism substitute Church Of England. I do admire you Robyn for poking sticks in people’s nice shiny intellectual and political wasp nests, I really do. Some time ago you posted a blog on wondering why you were bothering to campaign and highlight issues and I suspect that within the next year you are going to make a name for yourself for having had the tenacity and courage to have carried on.


    • Thank you Richard. I might become one of those “social commentators”! 🙂

      Yes, I was a little puzzled about that guy’s comment and which I hadn’t made a typo in my reply, but I was on the phone when I typed it and I seem to be typo queen on the small smartphone keyboard!


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