Did you know tampons are more dangerous than guns now?

Tampon sold without applicator (digital tampon...

Tampon sold without applicator (digital tampon). (The ruler shown is in cm) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Did you know tampons are more dangerous than guns now? That is according to the great state of Texas, anyway.

I have two daughters who have come to the western world from a patriarchal society not entirely unknown for corruption. Somehow I have to find a way to explain to my daughters that the most powerful nation in the world, the one with the “world’s best democracy that everyone else should adopt” (as they would have us believe) has decided tampons are more dangerous than bullets. Did the security guards leave their glasses at home that day? I know tampons and bullets are a similar shape, but really?

Tampons are white, soft and made of spun cotton (or similar). Yes, most do have a pointy end. Tampons absorb blood – this is a critical point.

Bullets are hard, made of metal, many explode on impact. Bullets usually result in a dramatic loss of blood, often to the extent of loss of life. Even tampons can’t staunch the flow.

Had I been an American with a licence to carry a concealed weapon I could have merrily walked into the chamber in Texas and shot at least one, if not more, people, in protest. Woe betide I should have thrown a tampon onto the floor of the chamber in protest.

There are times when the human species horrifies me. There are times the human species astounds me. There are times when I want to live on a deserted island. When we decide tampons are more dangerous than bullets, I am thinking Venus is looking decidedly attractive.

Who was the idiot who decided this was a good idea? How do I explain such stupidity to my girls? More importantly, how do I explain such stupidity to my boys? How do I tell them NOT to emulate these sorts of decision makers? They have grown up believing America is the most wonderful country on earth, until I shared and explained history videos about why the N-word is banned in our house.  Even so, the often crass bling is attractive to the young. Like gold, shiny bullets.

Bullets for handloading - Sierra brand in .270...

Bullets for handloading – Sierra brand in .270 Winchester caliber (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

For the Texans, here is a little summary of functionality. Boys, I know this might be hard to remember, but do please try really hard to ensure you learn the differences. For future reference.

Bullets are projectiles. Inserted into a gun, bullets are fired at and most often kill people. Should be subject to very strict controls.

Tampons are soft, fluffy, harmless sanitary products. They may look the size of a bullet, they might even be the same shape as a bullet, but they are not very useful as deadly projectiles.

Bullets kill. Tampons do not.

Footnote: Reference to tampons not killing in the above article should be taken in context of the article. Nothing in the above article should be taken to detract from the dangers of toxic shock syndrome,

20 comments on “Did you know tampons are more dangerous than guns now?

  1. I gather it is to do with what they call the ‘rules of decorum’ and I guess that has a point to some extent. But the ban definitely has a ridiculous side to it.


    • I understand where you are coming from Matthew, but with the current rate of “female control” legislation in the USA, I’m happy to throw decorum out the window for a little less legislative interference. 🙂

      But then I got told my articles are often provocative today, so I’m guessing I must often throw decorum out the window! 🙂


  2. Well I was feeling very secure and safe at Brisbane airport not long ago, I had travelled from NSW to Qld and when I was at the airport in Sydney getting my connecting flight to Brisbane I had left my laptop in my back pack, it went through the xray machine and the guard said quickly take it out, had a look and I was on my way. Brisbane however I was informed very sternly the laptop needed to go through on its own, so I had to go out again put the laptop through on a tray of its own. Now I usually zone out when dealing with this sort of petty BS but I decided to advise them that I had earlier that day mistakenly put it through in Sydney and they checked it but didn’t get a hard on and make me go through all the rigmarole etc…all I got was a blank look so I thanked them loudly and profusely for keeping me safe from whatever lurks in a laptop inside a back pack that doesn’t lurk in a laptop outside of a back pack…long story short, stupidity in the name of security is turning society into a mindless fearful group of potential terrorist where even the simplest of common sense would say otherwise.


    • I am not sure about the insid/outside backpack thing either, but I do know in the early days we used to have to remove the battery as well – thankfully we no longer seem to have to do THAT as it was a right pain in the proverbial.

      I have found airports inconsistent. I remember going to Hobart and wearing the EXACT same clothes on both flights (it was a flying visit, no pun intended) and my shoes triggered nothing in Melbourne, but triggered something in Hobart. I no longer wear boots when flying – to hard to take off and on.

      I always want to shout “But there is wire in my bra!!!”


  3. Maybe all the women should gather around Texas and shoot tampons out of our vagina’s.


  4. Can the women organize, enter without tampons and bleed all over the place (preferably, all over those who came up with this nonsense)?


  5. Totally agree Robyn. Who thinks up these statements??


    • Apparently it was the Texas Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst but then again, he may not have made the actual decision about tampons – he certainly stated they had “beefed up” security. They may have beefed up security but I think they pissed off a lot of women – GLOBALLY!!


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