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Would our politicians get on a boat?

I believe it is time our politicians, especially Abbott, Morrison, Rudd, Bowen and a few others, took an honest look at themselves. Whether you personally like these particular men or not, they have reached the most senior positions in Australian politics. Let me share a little secret – they didn’t get there by being gifted […]

Malcolm Fraser has called for a Royal Commission

Malcolm Fraser has called for a Royal Commission into “Australia’s management of offshore asylum seeker processing”: in other words, a Royal Commission into the Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship. I hope he is successful and that many voices join his. This article is my way of saying, “Yes, I support Malcolm’s call”.  The Royal […]

So now we dump people on third world countries

Papua New Guinea. What is the definition of a third world country? A friend of mine, who has a different view to my view on the question of asylum seekers, pronounced today that third world, as a definition, is a cold war construct. Had anyone else said this, I would have simply suggested they get their arse […]

The Return to Rudd: a turn for the worse on asylum seeker policy?

Originally posted on Castan Centre for Human Rights Law :
The night of Wednesday 26th of June was full of surprises. We got an old/new Prime Minister in Kevin Rudd, found out that our first female Prime Minister was quitting politics, and learned what the Foreign Minister Bob Carr thinks of refugees and our international obligations…