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Blanc, Bernardi, visas and free speech

Australia’s police chiefs have cited society’s “vulgar and violent attitudes toward women” as a primary cause of the nation’s high level of domestic violence. Changing men’s behaviour is seen as the ONLY way to address the problem. Tasmania’s commissioner, Darren Hine, said cultural change can begin with society’s influencers – sportsmen, businessman, actors and other […]

Where, oh where, are the women of calibre?

There must be something really strange happening in the Liberal Party (and, I suggest, the coalition overall). Is there really NOT more than ONE woman of sufficient calibre in the Liberal Party to rate a cabinet position? The ONE woman that did make it has, effectively, been demoted. Julie Bishop was the Deputy Leader of […]

Grass roots women and gender equality

Trigger warning. Recently one of my articles about feminism where I used the decal on the left received a readership of some considerable numbers in the USA. Apart from a large number of comments, I also received emails. One in particular struck me. The email was from a woman in the USA (we shall call her […]

Does our Prime Minister need diversity training?

During lunch today I glanced at Twitter and noticed an exchange between @Msloulou77  and @RedRoverSays, which I responded to:

If this is feminism, you can keep it – Warning: discussion of rape and swearing

I think I might have been lying for 50 years. I’ve always considered myself a “feminist”: as in a firm believer in and fighter for gender equality. After the last 48 or so hours, I’ve changed my mind. Either that or my IQ must have recently dropped about 60 points or so. Subsequent to a […]

So what if male and female brains are different?

Yesterday I had a interesting discussion on Twitter about male and female brains.  I have to say it is very hard to have an interesting discussion using 140 character chunks of text when half of the 140 characters consists of Twitter IDs.  I couldn’t really say what I wanted to say, so I’m going to […]

Why don’t women negotiate their salaries? Not #destroyingthejoint properly!

Many Australian women will recognise the Twitter hash tags #destroyingthejoint and #destroythejoint.  These arose after a certain Sydney radio announcer decided to let loose a vitriolic barrage against women in senior positions, claiming they were “destroying the joint”.  While I am sure Alan Jones probably would fit in well with the men found in articles […]