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Five Reasons Pillar Posts are good for your blog

When I started writing this website in November 2010 I knew nothing about this particular part of the digital world. I do mean NOTHING! I started on the platform then offered by Bigpond.com, disliked the buggy interface and moved to Blogger then moved to WordPress.com at the urging of my oldest daughter. I frequented the […]

Re-blogging: not sure how I feel about it

This is a personal perspective! I found this week I re-blogged two articles one after the other. On the one hand I hate re-blogging because I feel as if I am stealing someone else’s work, even though all I am technically doing is sharing an excerpt with a link. On the other hand sometimes I […]

Its Funny Cos Its True (via Tinkerbelle86’s Blog)

I loved this so much, I had to share! I feel so short of sleep lately, this is almost how I feel some days. Although I have to say now I have Mr O to warm up the bed, it isn’t exactly uncomfortable – but I still love the graph! Another classic from the funny […]