SBS: Go Back Where You Came From

Tonight I snapped a selection of Tweets during the screening of Go Back Where You Came From, the second series on SBS. A trailer follows. Both speak for themselves. WATCH IT!

Go Back Where You Came From


Full episodes are available here from SBS On Demand:

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10 comments on “SBS: Go Back Where You Came From

  1. […] the facts.  She reads the media, sees the television and believes it.  Did “A” watch Go Back Where You Came From, I wondered.  I did not […]


  2. Oh my God this makes me sick.


  3. I fear that at present there is so much wrong information and fear created in the Australian community that programs such as this will still make little difference.


    • The problem is those who need to watch it, don’t. So much negativity surrounding the issue of asylum seekers.

      How is it in New Zealand, Jo?


      • I don’t think we are too far behind Austraila Robyn…we are just a little quieter about it and we don’t ship them off to island in the middle of nowhere. Of course we do not have boat people arriving here…at least not that I know of. But if you are illegal they are pretty swift about getting you on a plane and away. And they don’t seem to have much of a guideline for who is and who isn’t a refugee…depends on who you are dealing with and their mood that day I think.


      • I can imagine the NZ coastline is not all that easy to reach – the seas are pretty dangerous.

        Nothing much in the media here about New Zealand’s attitude to asylum seekers, although I did see some very positive stories at one point about refugees building a new life in New Zealand. Manybe the whole thing is just treated quietly. If you see anything in the media, I’d be interested in seeing a link!


  4. I have taped the 3 episodes to watch on the weekend. I remember watching the first series and being quite moved by it, it should be made compulsory watching in schools, so kids are aware of what is going on in the world.


    • It is being watched at the school our high school pair go to. They get a little confused as to whether they are migrants or refugees themselves. Technically they are migrants but a technicality doesn’t change the past. Dad was an asylum seeker when we met.


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