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Hey doctors, here’s a new medical condition: Tough Cookie Syndrome

I’ve made a medical discovery, so listen up doctors! It is called tough cookie syndrome. It goes something like this for me, but feel free to adapt to your own patients’ particular circumstances. Patient doesn’t feel well so you, the kindly general practitioner, start the diagnostic process. A scan or two here, a blood test […]

Where will our kids work?

For quite some time I have been concerned about the commercial drive to move roles off-shore. I’m an accountant, I understand the business drivers to reduce costs and maximise profit. I am sure the concerns I express here were expressed in a similar fashion during the industrial revolution.

Have you ever had sex on a work trip?

If I ask such a question, I should answer it myself, I suppose. I’m sure I must have at some point but right now I don’t remember any specific instances (so clearly any indiscretions were not that memorable!).  I do recall several of us being asked to leave a spa pool at about 3 am […]