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Grattan on Friday: Tony, pick up the phone to Barack on Ebola

By Michelle Grattan, University of Canberra Here’s a thought for Tony Abbott. Why doesn’t he ring up Barack Obama and David Cameron and ask them to help remove the impediment that’s apparently stopping the Australian government providing assistance on the ground for the West African Ebola crisis? If it is really beyond the wit of […]

Ebola – is this the Bubonic Plague of our generation?

I remember the first outbreak of ebola in 1979. It only killed a few poor, black people, right? Wasn’t impacting on the rich, white people, after all. So why worry about it? "What's wrong w/ how the West talks about Ebola in one illustration" via @Independent http://t.co/ER4MSKqLCu pic.twitter.com/y0qvq3cvbj" — David Paul Jobling (@DJobling) October 17, […]

250 breeding lions left in West Africa

I often joke I went all the way to West Africa to get married and never saw a lion. I have loved lions since I was about three years old. I dreamed of having a pet lion for years: highly impractical on a sheep and cattle farm, probably, but I dreamed nonetheless. Photo courtesy Melanie […]