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Why Dysfunction?

Originally posted on Lew Bornmann's Blog:
It seems to me… “In politics stupidity is not a handicap.” ~ Napoleon Bonaparte. Our political parties have fundamentally different visions of what kind of country we should have and neither is feeling sufficiently politically weak to agree to the other side’s vision; there remains essentially no room…

Another life needlessly taken

A life was not lost. A life was taken. Stolen. Jordan Davis did not live to celebrate his 19th birthday today. He was shot by Michael Dunn. Michael Dunn drove away from the scene like this was a normal event. I don’t understand. I don’t understand any of it. The jury verdict is in. Dunn has been […]

D for Deprecation

Self-deprecation, that is.  Australia is renowned for self-deprecation.  OK, I cheated  a little on the D.  Sue me.  We don’t like to boast and we’ll rip down (our famed “tall poppy syndrome“) those who we deem to be doing so.   This is one of the biggest differences between the USA and Australia in the business world.  […]