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Have I misjudged Tim Wilson?

The following is a snippet of Tim Wilson’s persuasive essay framed to convince us all he is a suitable candidate. Do read the article in full (it is quite short) if you haven’t yet done so. The Australian Human Rights Commission is statutorily charged with promoting the principles within the International Covenant on Civil and […]

Want to make a political comment? How risky is it really?

The last time I checked, Australia was a democracy. In fact, SO democratic are we that it is compulsory to vote if one is eligible. Is not voting an expression of political opinion? I have long been aware there is no implicit or explicit right to free speech in Australia’s constitution however there has always, […]

What is persecution?

It is generally accepted that to be an asylum seeker and then accepted as a refugee, one must be fleeing persecution. With all the discussion of exactly what constitutes an asylum seeker/refugee of late, it is appropriate to look at the definition of persecution. In 1951, persecution for the purposes of being granted refugee status was […]