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Who IS the boss around here?

Democracy, we are told, is government of the people, by the people, for the people. Yet in the last few months it seems we are to be controlled, not governed in the true sense of a democratic society. Dear Current Government: you work for the people. Just a reminder. The first warning bells sounded with […]

Have I misjudged Tim Wilson?

The following is a snippet of Tim Wilson’s persuasive essay framed to convince us all he is a suitable candidate. Do read the article in full (it is quite short) if you haven’t yet done so. The Australian Human Rights Commission is statutorily charged with promoting the principles within the International Covenant on Civil and […]

Word of the Day: Voluntarism

Following on from my article about Tim Wilson, I want to look a little more deeply at his ideologies. You may have noticed the word “voluntarism” in his short statement accepting his appointment as the Freedom Commissioner. It has been a great pleasure working at the IPA with so many bright and talented individuals toward […]

Tim Wilson as Human Rights Commissioner

I must say this appointment of Tim Wilson is an interesting development indeed. Let’s take a step back to January 23, 2013. “The Australian Human Rights Commission does not protect human rights and should be abolished,” Simon Breheny, Director of the Legal Rights Project at free market think tank the Institute of Public Affairs will […]